Shark AX910UKT

After months of trying to tell my husband we needed a new hoover because ours was just rubbish he finally gave in and decided to buy me one. We looked at all different hoovers on the market and weren’t sure whether to get a cordless or corded, who knew there were so many different types and brands of hoovers. We initially narrowed it down between a Shark and Dyson and with the help of my instagram account decided shark was the most popular option.

Now to just choose which shark was the best, Josh wanted a cordless but I didn’t as I’d heard the battery life wasn’t great on them, although it would have been easier than carrying a big hoover up and down the stairs daily.

We came across the lift away on the shark website and it was perfect. We looked about at the different liftaway options and liked the AX910UKT (mainly because it was rose gold). We found it £120 cheaper on the shark offers website.

When we finally ordered it came pretty quickly (3 days) when I got it out the box I was quite surprised how easy it was to put together and all the little brush it came with. Another thing that attracted us to it was the pet hair brush because we have a pug who loses her hair like absolute crazy. On the first use I was rather surprised how much stuff it got out my carpet (as i hoover everyday). The dust and everything else it pulled up was unreal. Another great feature is how easy it is to adapt it to different flooring types, it has three different options hard floor, Carpet/low pile and thick carpet/area rug.

The main suction part comes away with a nozzle that can either be short or long which you add different brushes to hense the reason it is called lift away. The three brushes it includes are a pet one, upholstery tool and a 2 in 1 duster crevice tool.

It says to empty the hoover after each use and I have already cleaned one of the bristle brushes. It has the instructions of how to clean all the filters etc which I haven’t done yet as we have only had it but following the instructional booklet it looks quite easy to do.

Some things I like most about it are.

  • Pet Brush
  • You can lift it away and use it like a handheld hoover.
  • It has headlights (who knew a hoover needed headlights)
  • How clean it makes the carpets
  • The ease of adapting it to different flooring types.
  • It has Anti-allergen Technology
  • It is easy to clean

One thing I don’t like about it is how heavy it feels when pushing it around.


It is a very good hoover that picks up stuff you didn’t even know was there, its super easy to use and probably one of the best hoovers we have ever owned. I would definitely recommend this hoover to anyone.

Here is the link to the reduced Website if anyone is interested.



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