Part Exchanging a House

We decided back in January that we wanted to move house, we loved our old house but it just wasn’t practical for us anymore as there wasn’t enough room. Due to its position we couldn’t extend it either and Josh really wanted a garage but we had nowhere to build one of those.

We had a look at a few different houses on the market on right move but never really saw anything that took our fancy or would be big enough for us. We found a local developement just round the corner from our house and it had two houses left which were both the same style but had different style kitchens/bathrooms and a big bonus they were brand new. We wanted to view them but they were a bit pricey and we weren’t sure if we could be able to afford them or if we’d be able to get our house ready to put on the market quick enough. We arranged a viewing of both the houses and the sales lady told us about part exchange scheme the developers did so we looked abit more into it.

It looked too good to be true an easy quick sale in under 6-8 weeks as the house we were wanting to buy was already built and ready for us to move in, we would just have to let two different estate agents round to value our property and then the developer would make us an offer. The estate agents value the house at 3 different prices one how much it’s worth, how much it will sell for in 6-8 weeks and how much it will sell for in 2 weeks. The offer that we got was slightly lower that what we wanted but with all the painting, carpets and everything else that needed doing to the old house we decided to just go for it. We also had to let people come round and view the house while we still lived there which really didn’t bother us.

Although they told us it would only take 6-8 weeks and it would be super quick and easy at times it felt like we would never be moving. As with every house move its never easy, rubbish solicitors not replying to people, delays and just general knit picking but we’d bought two houses before and this was probably the most stressful.

Whilst we lived at our old house when it was on the market we only had 1 person view it and that was in 3 months, I think we were a bit naive and we thought that it would sell pretty quickly and we would have loads of interest, not that it really made a difference to us as it wasn’t us selling it was the developers. This did make us a little nervous as we weren’t sure that the lack of interest in our old house would put the developers off buying it.

After weeks and weeks and feeling like we were never going to move we finally exchanged 2 days before we were due to complete and that was only with our solicitor hounding the developers solicitors everyday. I hadn’t even started packing as I didn’t want to jinx the whole thing after the developer delaying for as long as possible. In the end it took 3 months to finally complete on our purchase of our new house. It does make me feel better that the developers still have not managed to sell our old house and it went on the market back in february. and they have already reduced the price they are selling for.

Although it was supposed to be a quick and easy process it was far from it. Would we part exchange again? No definitely not we wanted something quick but didn’t get it, we got our dream house in the end but the stress sometimes was a bit too much. We hope that we will never have to move again because the house we have now is perfect for us even if we decided to expand our family. I’m definetly not saying all developers were the same but we did look at reviews online of part exchange before we decided to do it and they were mostly positive. After all the stress it was definetly worth it in the end.

Thanks for reading.

Beckie x


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