Travis’ Birth Story

I always love reading birth stories and my first birth wasn’t the usual textbook labour (how many births are). I was so nervous leading up to Travis’s being only 20 years old I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, how much it would hurt and if I would be able to handle it.

It all started on the friday 21st June 2013 I felt uncomfortable all day, I was 7 days overdue and had been to see my midwife that day to book in for my induction (something I didn’t want to have). That night I got even more uncomfortable and by 9pm I was sat on the toilet and my waters broke, I rang the labour ward and was told to just put a sanitary towel on and ring back an hour later. That was probably the longest hour of my life and when I did ring back they just told me it couldn’t be my waters that broke as my pad wasn’t wet and I didn’t need to go in to be checked over so to just go ahead with being induced on the following monday.

A few hours passed and I got more uncomfortable and just felt awful, by about 12:30am I felt the urge to push as i was on the toilet and could feel Travis’s head, so I had to get myself off the toilet and shout upstairs to Josh who was fast asleep that he needed to come downstairs as soon as possible. He stumbled down the stairs not really knowing what was going on to me screaming at him the baby is coming, he got on the phone to the paramedics and by 12:38am they arrived. It felt like a life time waiting for the paramedics to arrive but it was only 8 minutes and at 12:42 4 minutes after the paramedics arrived a healthy very big 9lb 5.5oz Travis was born on my sofa in my living room. The paramedics had to pull me off my living room floor to the sofa for me to deliver him as I couldn’t move very well.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the paramedics that night as they were great and made me feel so at ease after one of the most scariest experiences of my life and they even helped Josh after he nearly passed out and the bottom of the stairs after watching me give birth. The lady was also cleaning my carpet for me as obviously labour isn’t the cleanest experience ever. We then had to wait for another 2 hours after he was born for the on call midwife to arrive at my house to check me over and when she finally got there it was decided I needed to go to hospital to be checked over as I had quite low blood pressure and I needed a lot of stitches.

We set off to the hospital and we got there about 4am to be taken straight up to the labour ward. I didn’t really feel comfortable being on there after them telling me I wasn’t in labour a few hours earlier but you could tell how bad they felt as they kept apologising to me for not letting me come in to be checked over. After a few hours of getting stitches and having far too many rounds of tea and toast (the best meal ever after giving birth) we were finally allowed home and got home about 7am.

I was so glad to be home and not have to stay in on the ward. I will forever be grateful to those two paramedics who helped me and my family when we needed them the most. I’m so glad I have been able to thank them in person a few months after Travis was born. Something that always annoys me when people talk about my labour (trust me they do now still 5 years on) is how “easy” I had it, I don’t think they realise how scary it is to have your baby at home unexpectedly, as if being scared of labour before I’d even had a baby Travis’s labour definitely put me off for a few years. My labour wasn’t easy but to be honest I wouldn’t change it for the world he is here and safe and now a chatty little 5-year-old with the attitude of a 15-year-old and compared to some people’s labour mine was a walk in the park.

Thank you for reading

Beckie x


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