My Hummy Review

We bought a My Hummy for Elijah when he was just a few weeks old and have loved it ever since. We did a lot of research on different white noise aids on the market and I came across this one on Facebook which had so many amazing reviews. We wanted to get one as sometimes he wouldn’t settle in his crib and wanted to sleep on us but with an active 4-year-old as well as a newborn baby that wasn’t really possible

The Hummy has a few different designs which you can get in different colours. We opted for the Snoozy in Slate Grey which is the mid range one. The designs and colours are super cute and they feel so soft. The price of the hummys range from between £39.99-£79.99 which may seem a bit pricey for a teddy bear that plays white noise.

The snoozy has 5 different sounds available that are based on the sounds of amniotic fluid with heartbeat, ocean waves, rainfall, vacuum cleaner and hairdryer, We use the hairdryer setting. The white noise lasts 60 minutes before it fades out but if baby wakes up it comes back on to help baby settle back off to sleep. It also has a none stop mode for 12 hours of white noise but we have never used this setting. They have now released a new hummy which has bluetooth built-in so you can control it from your phone.

Elijah absolutely loves his hummy and its in his bed every night and we use it in the day time when he naps. We have washed the cover a couple of times and it always comes out looking like new again, you just have to remember to remove the sound unit.


  • Cute designs
  • 5 different choices of sound
  • Different volume levels
  • Easy to use
  • Sleep sensor so if baby wakes up it comes back on automatically
  • Easy to clean

I only have one con for this product and that is the price it cost us, we paid £49.99 for it but thankfully Elijah took to it straight away. My hummy do offer a 30 days return policy if your baby does not get on with the hummy which I think is great as it’s a lot of money to waste if your baby doesn’t like it.


We love our Hummy and so does Elijah, it is probably one of the best things we have ever bought for him. Although expensive I think it is really worth it, it helps him settle at bedtime and if he wakes in the night as soon as it comes back on he’s fast asleep straight away. The sleep sensor is the best thing ever about this product in my opinion.

My Hummy

Thanks for reading

Beckie x


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