Ikea Antilop Review

So I thought i would write a review on the high chair we are currently using for Elijah in his baby led weaning journey. We bought the Antilop highchair directly from ikea about 3 months ago and it has got to be one of the best and cheapest things we have bought.

Some of the things i like about are

  • It is easy to clean and we often just take it outside and hose it down.
  • It is super cheap only £14
  • You can buy a blow up insert for it also directly from ikea which is an additional £6
  • It looks and feels very sturdy.

As with everything there is also some negatives about this

  • It does not fold away
  • The blow up insert isn’t the greatest for a more chunkier baby
  • The Tray doesn’t come off very easily

As i said above this high chair is very easy to clean which is very helpful as we are baby led weaning Elijah and if any of you have ever done this with your children you will understand how messy it is. With Travis when he was the same age as Elijah we had a fancy cushioned highchair and this just was not practical to clean, food would just go everywhere and it was really hard to clean without taking it all apart which when you have a baby to watch isn’t easy.

The design of this highchair is quite simple but i quite like this as I feel sometimes you just pay extra for bright colourful designs which your baby doesn’t appreciate and isn’t practical clean.

You can also buy this highchair off Amazon but it is £19.77 instead of the £14 from Ikea directly

ELijah Highchair


I feel like this is one of the best highchairs on the market, not just for its price but its design and how easy it is to clean. I would definitely recommend this highchair to any of my friends and family.

The links for this highchair are below, just click the name of the shop you would like to view it on.



This Amazon link is Affiliated.

Thank you for reading,

Beckie x


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