We are having another baby.

So I haven't been on here in a while and it's mainly because not long after we moved into our new house I found out we were expecting another baby, although we were trying we didn't think it would quite happen as quick as it did, when we were trying for Elijah it took over... Continue Reading →

Shark AX910UKT

After months of trying to tell my husband we needed a new hoover because ours was just rubbish he finally gave in and decided to buy me one. We looked at all different hoovers on the market and weren't sure whether to get a cordless or corded, who knew there were so many different types and... Continue Reading →

Part Exchanging a House

We decided back in January that we wanted to move house, we loved our old house but it just wasn't practical for us anymore as there wasn't enough room. Due to its position we couldn't extend it either and Josh really wanted a garage but we had nowhere to build one of those. We had... Continue Reading →

My Hummy Review

We bought a My Hummy for Elijah when he was just a few weeks old and have loved it ever since. We did a lot of research on different white noise aids on the market and I came across this one on Facebook which had so many amazing reviews. We wanted to get one as... Continue Reading →

Travis’ Birth Story

I always love reading birth stories and my first birth wasn't the usual textbook labour (how many births are). I was so nervous leading up to Travis's being only 20 years old I wasn't quite sure what to expect, how much it would hurt and if I would be able to handle it. It all... Continue Reading →

Ikea Antilop Review

So I thought i would write a review on the high chair we are currently using for Elijah in his baby led weaning journey. We bought the Antilop highchair directly from ikea about 3 months ago and it has got to be one of the best and cheapest things we have bought. Some of the... Continue Reading →

Why I started my blog?

Hi I've always been interested in writing a blog to share our memories with the world and for us to look back on in the future. I follow a few different bloggers on instagram and other social media. I like to read peoples unbiased and personal opinions of products that they have bought so I... Continue Reading →

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